Friday, December 10, 2010

but there's a catch

I just got off the phone with my Insurance company and enrolled in an Infertility program they have... Now that i have this label on my forehead that says INFERTILE PERSON, I feel so much better... but not really.... I had to answer questions and fill out a questionnaire about our experience to see if I qualify... well guess what.. I do! DUH! I also asked about exactly what kind of coverage I have for the treatments and found out some bad news. IVF is not covered at all like I was originally thinking. Some of my medications will be covered i will just have to get reimbursements after I foot the whole bill. This may put a damper on things.

I think I am looking too far ahead though because that would only be if I had to go to the shots. Right now I am covered at 50% except for the Clomid I pay outright. I just need to focus on this round of IUI and not get to ahead of myself. I just like to know that what I have to expect in the furter and know we have other choices if IUI's on Clomid doesn't work. My RE will only do 6 cycles with Clomid before going to the shots.

I also called my FA (Finacial Adviser) and she told me that I should expect to pay about $300 for a full round of IUI. Which isn't too bad, but when all your extra money is going toward Christmas gifts and what not its hard to squeeze it out. I had a savings account for things like this but we used it to put a down payment on a SUV so when I got pregnant we would all fit in one vehicle.... Ironic now isn't it that I have the bigger car and nothing to fill the back seat except for my step son every other weekend. Hubster is working some over time and my AMAZING Mom gave us some money to put toward it to help out. She said it was a part of her Christmas present since I would be giving her another grandchild. She requested one with Red hair! I am a natural redhead and my DH has blond hair with a red beard! His brother is a natural redhead as well, so I am hoping I can make her request happen. Although I wouldn't mind what color hair it has as long as its mine and healthy!

I want so bad to be a Mom but I want my own child. This may sound selfish of me but i don't mean it that way. DH and I have discussed adoption and are more than willing to go forth with that and may even if we have our own. I just want to feel what a baby is like inside me. I want to have a baby bump and have my DH put on my socks. I want to be able to lay in bed and have him feel my stomach and feel the baby kick his hand. I want to go through labor and have that picture of us in the hospital with me looking horrible, but so happy. I want to be able to look at that baby and see a part of me.

ok I am done venting... off to see how much more I can squeeze from our budget.

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